FOSDEM 2014, here I come!‎

Fosdem 2014FOSDEM is the largest annual free and open source software development event in Europe, and I've been lucky enough to attend to this even few times in the past. For the last few years I was unable to attend to FOSDEM because of my other duties. This year, I'm planning to take a break in the middle of my exams and jump to Brussels in order to participate in the event once again.

What is FOSDEM all about? For me, it's the Free Software, Open Source, beer, Linux, Mozilla, hacking and friends. Given that I'm not a good drinker, I think I'll enjoy for having some company during the beer part, so my upcoming FOSDEM adventure will be everything FOSS!

This year, Mozilla will have, beside of the regular booth, a room for talks for only one day, which will give me even more talk choices. I afraid I'll miss some talks because I can't be in two places at once and some other technical reasons (hey! I still have some talks I wish to watch from their video archives!), but I hope to be able to attend to the most interesting talks. Of course, suggestions are welcome. ☺

I'll be in Brussels on early Friday, which gives me almost a whole day to tour the city and meet good old friends, which I was unable to meet during the recent Mozilla Summit (I was in Mozilla Summit Toronto, and the event held in two other places at the same time), and meet some new friends of course. I wish to have some hacking time and meet people with whom I can collaborate better on some projects in our area of interest.

Looking forward to see you all, and if you are seeing me alone, please step by and say hello…

Mozilla in August Penguin 2009

Last Friday we held the annual August Penguin event in Israel. August Penguin is a one-day conference about Linux and Open-Source that is taking place in Israel for the 8th time this year. The event is planned and organized by the community and the Open Source organization Hamakor ("The Source" in Hebrew).

This year, for the First time, we got a stand and gave away some Mozilla freebies (thanks to Mozilla Marketing!). Our stand became a big success and attendees were around us for most of the time. We exchanged ideas about the future of Firefox, explained the Mozilla mission and the Mozilla project, and so on.

We have translated some ways for the visitors to get involved in Mozilla, and invited them to visit our community website, where they can find more information about the project and ways to contribute. We hope to get some of them to actually join us in the near future.

In the main conference room I gave a presentation about HTML5 and the open web. The presentation was on a basic level, summarizing what changed recently on the web, and how we expect the web to be in a few years from now. Some of the attendees told me right after the presentation that they did not thought the web can be so dynamic. Before my talk some even thought that the future of the web should be controlled by Flash/Flex and .NET.

At the end of the conference, the organizers announced the winners of this year Hamakor awards. I am happy to say that I won an award for leading our team of Mozilla Hebrew localization. Thank you everyone for choosing us!